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An e-mail blast is a mass-e-mail tool that you can use to send information to a large group of recipients at the same time. For example, sales personnel may use e-mail blasts to send out quick informational e-mails to announce new products, send monthly newsletters, or call attention to a company blog i.e. expectation is to send communication/information to the bigger audience which can be used for one way communication, however replies still be captured in the system if any.

To use e-mail blasts, your administrator must make the appropriate settings in your solution. Below are the sequence of actions needs to be performed by administrator user:

Pre-requisite Mass Email Functionality needs to be activated

KBA: 2734170 - How to scope for adding sub domain field to activate mass email functionality in cloud for...

Blog: Cloud for Customer: Mass E-mail Activation

Once activation is done successfully customer can use the Email Blast from their respective tenant.

Scoping/Enabling the Email Blast view:

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.

  2. Navigate to Implementation Projects view.

  3. Click on Edit Project Scope and go to Step 4 - Questions.

  4. Go to Sales -> Account and Activity Management -> Activity Management.

  5. Tick the checkbox for the question under E-Mail Blasts option, "Do you want to send personalized mass e-mails to many accounts at the same time?".

  6. Save your changes.

  7. Logout of the system and login again.

Create Email Blast:

In order to create Email Blast you need to have access/authorization to the Email Blast view from the Activities work center.

Please follow the below steps to create Email Blast:

  1. Go to Activities work center.

  2. Go to Email Blast view.

  3. Click on Create icon.

  4. Fill the Name, Add Target group, Add a Template & Add the initial to the From Email.

  5. Click on Save and Open.

Note: In the From field mass email activated sub-domain will automatically populated.

Execute Email Blast:

Please follow the below steps to execute the Email Blast:

  1. Open the Created Email Blast.

  2. Click on Edit (If any changes required).

  3. Click on Actions.

  4. Click on Execute.

  5. It will populate the window for Schedule Execution, Either you can Schedule for specific time or Schedule Immediately

  6. Click on OK.

  7. Refresh the Status/Go to Execution Details to see the status of the Email Blast.

Replies to E-mail Blasts:

Reply To address cannot be changed from the Email Blast, it will be defaulted to *

If you Reply to the Email which is received via Email Blast will come and sit in the system under Replies tab as shown below:

If you don’t get any Emails even after customer/contact replied to the email which is sent via Email/Campaign, Request you to create incident from same tenant with details and send it to SAP Product Support.

Further you can refer to the Help Portal document link: Activities FAQ.


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