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After upgrade your CRM system you may notice that some fields generated by EEWB are not copied into follow-up transactions any more. But fields generated by AET are still working fine.

That's because the code is changed and new system behaviour is considered.

In old versions, system copies all custom fields including both EEWB and AET fields into follow-up transactions even customers do not want these value.

As of below versions, system will mark all AET fields as fields that are to be copied and customers need to implement BADI CRM_COPY_BADI to filter any one out if it is not required. For EEWB fields, they have to be explicitly copied in the badi.

700 SAPKU70015

701 SAPKU70112

702 SAPKU70210

712 SAPKU71205

713 SAPKU71302

The code is changed in below class and method.



The main added code is: