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As enhancement to our permission marketing engine we provide with 1702 Hybris Marketing Cloud*) the ability to define multiple rules which exclude contacts from being contacted.

  • Define suppression rules based on contact, interaction or campaign data e.g.:

    • Contacts which are marked as “do not contact

    • Campaigns which are from business area XYZ

    • Number of mail interactions within last 15 days >25

  • Contacts get excluded from any campaign execution if they meet the criteria

  • Suppressions are tracked per contact and are part of campaign success analytics

  • BADI for onpremise & SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.

With this our customers get even more flexible & dynamic business rules which exclude contacts from being contacted.

Here you can learn more on permission marketing and see how this works in detail:


*) Only available for Marketing Cloud in 1702. On premise customers can build suppressions rules with BADI