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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Moving to the Subscription Economy is like curling, you can guide your customers all the way.

When I was watching the Winter Olympics I was struck by the unique difference between curling and every other sport where a projectile is launched at a target.

In baseball, basketball, hockey, archery, lawn bowls etc once the projectile has left your hand, bat, foot or racquet you can’t in anyway change its trajectory. You might shout "in the hole!" but you can't do anything about your golf ball once you've hit it. The trajectory is pre-determined based on  the initial conditions (position, speed, spin) or factors beyond your control such as the wind or the grass. But in curling, uniquely, you get to influence the stone after you have launched it. The curlers cluster in front of it with those brushes sweeping furiously to speed it up, slow it down or curl it, all the way from launch to destination.

As I watched it, it struck me as a metaphor between the difference between selling a product and selling a service. Many companies are adopting "Anything-as-a-Service" and are transitioning from product-based to service-based or outcome-based business models.

Selling a product is like hitting a golf ball, once you’ve made the sale you cannot affect the outcome. But selling a service is like curling, the launch is just the start, you are intimately involved with the customer tweaking, guiding, curling all the way to the target.

As customers migrate from traditional sales to a full service offering, they need to change from being golfers, just hitting off the tee and seeing where it goes, to being intimately involved all the way from the initial launch to the target outcome. At SAP we are enabling our customer to join the subscription economy by adding everything-as-a-service (XaaS) and outcome-based-business capabilities to our SAP CPQ offering. To enable them to skate alongside their customers helping them hit the centre of the target.

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