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Don´t wait any longer, you can do it with the tutorial Manage your Intelligent Enterprise with SAP C/4HANA Foundation powered by SAP Enterprise Support Academy.


A tutorial is a quick an easy way to gain knowledge. It´s interactive and specific for a topic, to get to the point, you won’t lose time. The tutorial teaches you by example and supplies you with the information, theory and practical steps to allow you to complete a certain task.

“Manage your Intelligent Enterprise with SAP C/4HANA Foundation” is aimed at customers/partners who want to start using SAP C/4HANA Foundation

What can I learn from the tutorial?

  • A high-level overview of SAP C/4HANA suite that allows you to keep abreast of market trends


  • An overview of SAP C/4HANA Foundation, its components, how to use it and its benefits. It enables you to effortlessly design and deliver amazing customer experiences.


  • You could start working with SAP C/4HANA Foundation easily by following the steps we provide you.

For further information on SAP C/4HANA Foundation visit the SAP C/4HANA Value Map and the SAP Learning Hub. If you are not a member of the SAP Enterprise Support Value Map Learning room.

To access the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, a one-time registration is required. A detailed step-by step guidance can be found here. The MTE/tutorial links above will not work if you have not yet registered.