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Some customers asked "Oh! Why there are some address numbers in ADRC table but do not have any business partner in BUT020 table??"

OK, don't worry about that because it is possible. Let me tell you the reason:

The table ADRC is the master table over all addresses (like BUT000 is the master table over all BPs).

So this means that if an address exists in ADRC it does not automatically need to exist in BUT020.

You could check the "ADDR GROUP (Address group)" field in table ADRC. If it is filled with value "BP" then this entry is really a BP address and must exist in BUT020. Else we do not care because it is an other address type.

Address types are defined in table TSAD7. Another usefull table is ADRV where you can see the usage in the different application tables.

So if you found the numbers of the entries in ADRC and BUT020 are not the same next time, don't feel too surprised about that. :wink:

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