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Digital transformation: It’s no longer about what we do but how we do it

When we talk about the consumer we really mean the shopper and shopping is now no longer just the moment of purchase. Brands and their Advertising agencies must look further to track and understand the changes in shopping behaviors: the ways in which consumers use different sources of information, how they relate to brands and to each other and how shopping habits are being transformed by the relentless emergence of new technologies and platforms.

Traditional media has also been transformed: digital media has significantly increased the relevance in the shopping process. Access to product information, digital wallets, social media and communities, real-time conversation, curated and personalised consumption are all contributing to changing the ways in which the shopper engages with media changes. Shoppers continue to shift away from e-commerce, preferring to shop and engage via their mobile phone or tablet and cutting edge technology such as beacons rather than from their desktop or laptop.

Digital disruption brings tons of data

Technology has created opportunity and disruption across all industries. Change is no longer a constant, transformation is. Despite the transformation, the questions at the heart of marketing remain the same: Is consumer demand for my brand increasing or merely being sustained? And are my marketing campaigns engaging consumers and building demand efficiently and effectively?

Marketers are not alone, transformation is impacting the research sector too. Changing consumer behaviour, business expectations and new technologies have created a perfect storm. Consumer insights teams are grappling with finding ways to understand consumer behaviour beyond the constraints of traditional competitor analysis, focus groups and surveys.  And finding ways to increase automation to create cost effective research options and new dynamic methods to capture the “in the moment” behaviors of the “always-on” always connected consumer.

How can we measure how shopping is evolving and adapting to new consumer behaviors and at the same time consumers are generating them beyond the constraints of traditional methods? How do you access tons of data to unlock the power of collectable connected intelligence? If increased focus on consumer and brand experience drives growth, how can we measure at scale “in the moment behavior?” The questions don’t change. What’s needed is the ability to get to the answers quicker.

Capturing the “in the moment” experience 

One answer is SAP Consumer Insight 365. Meeting the requirements of data privacy, it surfaces behavioral intelligence gathered from over 30 million connected mobile consumers every minute of every hour of every day. This intelligence, makes it possible to identify target customer groups amongst millions of consumers, revealing a dazzling array of shopping behavior and competitor metrics by time, place and activity. It brings dynamic socio demographic insights to traditional and digital out of home marketing, retail and catchment planning. And when combined with SAP Hybris, it exposes the links between “in the moment” captured data and existing CRM data base assets significantly increasing target audience identification and segmentation context. It also exposes remarkable insights into lifestyle preferences and consumer behaviour outside of the confines of loyalty cards, apps and beacons.

Embracing connected data intelligence is on everybody’s agenda. Identifying what mattersat the speed of business dramatically reduces business objective turnaround times. Not knowing your customers can cost you money.

To stay on top of this agenda take a look at:

SAP Consumer Insight 365

Digital Consumer Insight

Hybris marketing


About the author

Jim Brooks

A disruptive digital innovation practitioner with 30+ years’ experience in creating tangible business results by connecting strategic needs with current and emerging digital technology opportunities. Jim is Currently: Global Business Development Director for Consumer Insight 365.

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