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As part of our monthly blog series, this month we will take you through different Analytics features available in Cloud for Customer.


In today's blog we will take you through high-level overview of Cloud for Customer Embedded Analytics.


Cloud for Customer Embedded Analytics is part of the solution. It sits on the same platform and is deeply integrated within the product. Cloud for Customer delivers 150+ out of the box best practice reports. No activation required, these reports are ready to use on deployment.


Some of the key features of Cloud for Customer Analytics are as below:

  • Real-time analytics

  • In-place drill down

  • Home page based reporting

  • Navigation to Business Object directly from reports

  • Quick view of transactions

  • Built-in Excel Add-in

  • Interactive dashboards

  • Single set-up for both mobile as well as web

  • Exception based reporting on homepage

  • Configurable alert and warning based reporting

  • End user flexibility

  • Fiscal year based reporting




Data can be visualized as Reports where end user can create his/her own ad-hoc reports. Users can easily slice and dice data and save their own views without contacting IT/admin team.


Cloud for Customer provides wide range of charts to select from. Hierarchical based reporting allows you to drill down from parent to subsidies thus analyzing the amount of revenue at each level. Hierarchical report can help you get a bird's eye view of total aggregated revenue from your large customer base and helps you drill down further.




Users can quickly navigate to transactions from reports. This features provides users flexibility to edit transactional data while working on report.


Cloud for Customer reports can be broadcasted to top level managers or sales rep can directly annotate and send email to their colleagues with report as an attachment.


Users can configure exceptions and conditions on report so as to highlight key information that they are interested in. All these features are available to the end user directly. They need not wait for an admin to configure these.


Built-in Excel add-in is very popular amongst excel friendly operations users. This allows them to utilize all excel based features while they are still connected to Cloud for Customer and have access to latest data.


Interactive Dashboards



Interactive dashboard enables users to perform advance analysis. One can view all the related data together. Interactive dashboard allows users to pass filters from one report to the other thus enabling them to drill down and analyze the data.


In-place drill down can be used to add or remove additional characteristics and measures to slice and dice data for further analysis.


Quick-view of transactions helps users to glance at the transactions while still working on dashboard. For further insights user can directly jump onto transactions directly from dashboard.


Home Page based reporting

Keep track of your business! Configure reports and KPI on your home page.


You can add key reports to your homepage. Reports can be converted to tile pattern to help you track your numbers or else you can build KPI tiles that also allows you to drill down for further analysis.


KPI helps you track your performance with respect to target and reference points. Drill down to reports and dashboards for further insight. Multiple reports can be provided for drill down.


Configure alter and warning points to see where you stand. KPI overview provides you detailed analysis of your performance.


I will write in detail about each of these functionality in my upcoming blogs. In the next blog we will go over some details about Cloud for Customer Reporting - Reporting @ Cloud for Customer