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Hi all,

In our implementation we have ERP - HCI - C4C integrated and I noticed the following behavior.

In C4C (Sales) when employee Alex was inside a customer's screen, adding him as the "Employee responsible" in the account team, or simply changing a field value (mostly an address related field) after a few minutes, this addition was deleted.

The strange thing is that in the changes tab, you could see employee Alex adding this information, and then the technical user from ERP, (not an actual user) deleting this "employee responsible" information.

That means, that something in ERP is triggering the ERP user, automatically to return something like a flag, to delete records in C4C.

So I had to see inside ERP, in the corresponding customer, was fields changes there were. In order to do that, I went to transaction xd04.

I choose to see the field changes according to user, and that user is CODINTEG which most us would recognize from the guides of C4C.

What I then saw, was really strange. The only changes inside that customer, were

That means that something was really wrong there. When Alex added himself as an employee responsible, these values were added out of nowhere.

A similar behavior was noticed if I manually added and deleted the employee responsible myself, before the system.

There is this blog describing the process in order to correct that problem, but;

  • it's outdated (2014)

  • it's not on HCI (it's on PI)

  • it's archived (not open for comments anymore

So i will try to put in a more simple way in the next blog.

Thank you,