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I want to provide an overview about possible decimal issues in BPS Planning used in the CRM Marketing scenario. There are some known issues related to decimal settings in PBS planning. This blog should provide information about the design of the decimal validation and how to set up the planning layout correctly. Furthermore this should contain a collection of solutions for known issues.

When looking the the planning layout created for a trade promotion in CRM we can see a key figure in the plannning layout defined with 2 decimals.

I will take these example to explain the design.

General Settings

When setting up the planning layout the following 4 level dependencies need to be considered.

1. UPX Layout Definition

2. BPS0 Customizing

3. Key Figure

4. Data Element

When the planning layout is rendered the first level that is considered is the UPX Layout Definition. In transaction UPX_MNTN the number of decimals can be defined:

The decimals places set in the UPX layout defines the number of decimals displayed in the planning layout. This number is for display reasons only.

On the second level there is the BPS0 Customizing. This is the first level that defines how the key figures are stored. That means key figures are rounded to the number of decimals defined in BPS0 and stored as the rounded value.

For data consistency reasons the number of decimals defined in UPX_MNTN must be smaller or equal to the number of decimals defined in BPS0. Otherwise an error will be raised.

If there are no decimals defined in BPS0 the same rule is valid for the key figure definition in RSD1.

If there are no decimals defined in the key figure details the data element for the key figure is considered.

The decimals defined in the UPX_MNTN are considered for displaying the key figures, whereas the decimals defined in the levels below BPS0 are considered for calculations and storing the values. You should not have more decimals in layout than what you can actually save in the database. The general rule is the following:

No of display decimals <= No of decimals used for calculation

Please refer to the following KBA for further information about the dependencies between the different levels:

1936500 - Enter key figure 0,000 with a valid format (2 decimal places)

Zero Decimal key figures

For key figures defined with having zero decimal places the following needs to be considered.

When having 0 decimal places defined in UPX_MNTN, system considers the BPS0 settings. To display the key figure with 0 decimals, both the UPX_MNTN and BPS0 decimals need to be set to zero.

In case UPX_MNTN has defined 0 decimals but BPS0 has 2 defined 2 decimals the settings from BPS0 will be considered and the key figure will be displayed with 2 decimals.

This design is valid for zero decimal key figures only. For further information please refer to the following note:

2021933 - Use decimals settings from BPS when Enh Layout is set to 0

Percentage based key figures

What needs to be considered for percentage based key figures?

The number of displayed decimals is taken from the UPX_MNTN settings as well.

This is similar to any other key figure definition. The difference is the way the system stores the percentage values. Depending on the parameter UPX_KPI_KFVAL_PERC_CONV_TO_BW the percentage value is stored as divided by 100. A value of 10% is therefore stored as 0,01. This requires the settings for the percentage key figure to have 2 more decimals defined in BPS0 than in UPX_MNTN not to lose precission.

This is documented in the following SAP note:

1407682 - Planning services customizing for percentage key figures

With the parameter UPX_KPI_KFVAL_PERC_CONV_TO_BW set the percentage key figure values is stored in BW as 10 for 10%. If the parameter is set the above decimal setting is not required. Information about the UPX_KPI_KFVAL_PERC_CONV_TO_BW parameter in UPC_DARK2 table is available in the following SAP note:

1867095 - Planning Services Customizing Flags in the UPC_DARK2 Table

There are some known issues for percentage key figures, those are solved with the following SAP notes:

1523793 - Wrong rounding of percentage key figures with classic render

1370566 - Rounding error for Percentage Key Figures

If percentage key figures need to be diplayed without any decimals the following settings are to be applied:

UPX_MNTN: the key figure needs to be set to 0 decimals

BPS0: the key figure needs to be set to 2 decimals

This fulfills the rule for zero decimals in addition to the percentage key figure rule to require 2 more decimals as displayed.

Currency key figures

Since most currencies use 2 decimals per design there should not be any issues for the most currencies. However there are some known issues for exceptional currencies, so currencies with other than 2 decimal places such as JPY. In case of issues with those currencies the following SAP notes are required in the system:

2126484 - Correct CHECKMAN error introduced with the note 2099874

2106896 - Decimal issues in Planning Layouts when working with exceptional currencies

2099874 - Missing conversion for exceptional currencies in UPX_KPI_KF_PLEVEL_READ2
2021933 - Use decimals settings from BPS when Enh Layout is set to 0

1962963 - Planning Layout issues with exceptional currencies with more than two decimals

1535708 - Plan data for currencies without decimals


Key Figures using Units of Measure 

Certain key figures use a Unit of Measure - in that case the decimal settings for the UoM defined in transaction CUNI (table T006) are considered for the key figure.

That design can be overruled, so to consider the decimal settings defined in UPX_MNTN rather than the decimal settings from UoM. For that please follow the steps documented in the following note:

2791398 - Disable unit of measure formatting for BPS based CRM Planning Profiles


Rounding issues with Conditions Generation in CRM

When generating condition in a CRM trade promotion using BI rates the BPS key figure values are retrieved for getting the conditions amount. This may lead to rounding issues. The following note should solve those rounding issues:

2196545 - Discounts are getting rounded while generating conditions


Using master and dependent profiles

When using master and dependent profiles the decimal settings need to be exactly the same for the key figures in the master and the dependent profiles. It is the master profile that is synchronized and that is rendered for calculating the key figures. Therefore the key figures hold the values with decimals from the master profile. However for display reasons the rendering happens for the displayed profile, so for the depending profile. Therefore the decimal settings need to be in sync in the master and the dependent profiles.

Campaign Cost Planning

2181291 - Marketing Cost Planning rounds the key figure values for currencies with less than 2 decim...

Known issues

There are some known issues that are corrected with the following SAP notes:


2294682 - Improve decimals configurations for Virtual Key Figure
2119191 - Decimals getting rounded for virtual and calculated key-figures

2106896 - Decimal issues in Planning Layouts when working with exceptional currencies

2085223 - Decimals issue in Planning Layouts rendered with the class CL_UPX_LAYOUT_RENDER

2080064 - Incorrect error message for UPX key figure decimal settings

1817554 - ASSIGN_DECIMALS_TOO_HIGH when synchronizing occurs


The blog will be updated on a regulare basis. If you find any information missing please let me know.

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