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This will help you to check if your customizing is properly set when you use the new Customer Vendor Integration (CVI), which is delivered with the enhanced functions as of Release ERP 6.0, to synchronize the business partner with the customer and/or vendor.

The report CVI_FS_CHECK_CUSTOMIZING is provided in the SAP Note 1623677 is used to display and check the Customizing for the customer vendor integration. Please keep in mind that the SAP Note 956054 is required for the correct synchronization.

The best choice to get the report is upgrade to the corresponding SP:

SAP_APPL    600      SAPKH60021

SAP_APPL    602      SAPKH60211

SAP_APPL    603      SAPKH60310

SAP_APPL    604      SAPKH60411

SAP_APPL    605      SAPKH60507

SAP_APPL    606      SAPKH60602

Start the report:

  1. General Settings:


In this part you can check if the general settings for CVI are correctly customized.

In the above screen, the CVI is activate for all the directions however the PPO has not been activated.

Also, in this screen we can see the table CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU, in this table the mainly/relevant FM for synchronization has to be called. These FMs are the following:

BPOUT          BUPX 1000000          MDS_BUPA_OUTBOUND  X

CRMOU         BUPA 1000000          BUPA_OUTBOUND_BPS_FILL_CENTRAL        X

CRMOU         BUPR 1000000          BUPA_OUTBOUND_BPR_FILL_CENTRAL        X

MERGE          BUPA 1000000          MERGE_BUPA_CENTRAL X

MERGE          BUPA 2000000          MERGE_BUPA_FINSERV  X

MERGE          BUPR 1000000          MERGE_BUPR_CENTRAL X

We can check the first error showed in the output of the General settings

Customer/Vendor Settings

Here you can find all the settings for the CVI and also a log appears with the errors. These include role assignments for the synchronization directions "business partner -> customer/vendor" and "vendor/customer -> business". In this transaction you can go directly to the customizng in SPRO. It is very important to check that all the settings are set properly according to the note 956054.