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This blog series discusses the concept of "Customer 360" and the benefits customers can get out of it. It lists common implementation challenges and gives some ideas on how to solve those. The main part highlights the Customer 360 views and capabilities within SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C). The series concludes with a summary of the key points discussed.

Here are the blogs of this series:

  1. Customer 360 - Overview

  2. Customer 360 - Customer Details (Sales & Service)

  3. Customer 360 - Customer Insights (Sales) (THIS BLOG)

  4. Customer 360 - Customer Hub (Service)

  5. Customer 360 - Summary

Customer Insights (Sales)

Besides the Customer Details screen described in the previous blog there is an additional view available in the sales solution portfolio called "Customer Insights". This view is targeted towards sales reps and is part of the Intelligent Sales add-on which needs to be separately purchased. More details can be found in SAP Help, this blog or the following microlearning video. The Customer Insights view can be accessed directly from within the Customer Details screen by navigating to the "Customer Insights" tab.

Customer Insights

The tab is comprised of the following sections:

  • Contacts: Shows all contacts of the account enriched with a so-called "relationship score" indicating how good the relationship is based on the interaction frequency with this contact. More details on relationship intelligence can be found here.

Contacts in Customer Insights

  • Highlights: This section shows Commerce insights such as browsed products or abandoned shopping carts in the webshop. It also includes opportunities with a low deal score indicating potentially threatened deals as well as proposed next actions to execute for this customer like creating an appointment or a sales quote.


  • Key Metrics: The key metrics section shows a summary of all relevant transactions for this customer (both native and ERP data), enriched with some calculated reporting KPI's (e.g. overall order volume) as well as intelligent ML-calculated scores (such as customer health index trend). Further information on the ML-calculated scores can be found here. When clicking on the individual metrics tiles (e.g. Sales Orders revenue) the user can access the corresponding object list (e.g. Sales Orders) and from there further object details (e.g. open Sales Order). This is even possible for external ERP data such as invoices and purchasing orders, which provides a very lightweight integration option.

Key Metrics

  • Additional Insights (SAP S/4HANA): This launches the Customer 360 app on S/4HANA to get ERP-related insights (details see here)

Customer 360 App in S/4HANA

  • Engagement Timeline: The Engagement Timeline shows the recent interactions of this customer such as scheduled calls, created tickets or abandoned shopping carts - all sorted in the order of occurrence. Multiple filtering options are available to review interactions of a certain type or date/time.

Engagement Timeline

Customer Insights not only shows the agent a 360 degree view of a specific customer, but also provides him with a curated set of machine learning based insights across all of his accounts. These cross-customer insights can be accessed via the Recommendation view on the Accounts object work list (OWL). This view consists of the following sections:

  • Growth Opportunities: Opportunities with a potential to grow your business. The score on the carousel is obtained from the Customer Relationship Index.

  • Potential Challenges: Opportunities where immediate action must be taken to prevent the risk of losing the opportunity. The score on the carousel is obtained from the Customer Health Index.

  • News Feed: Your customers' latest engagements with the company’s webshop such as product views, categories, abandoned shopping carts, etc. This is powered by SAP Commerce Cloud. The score on the carousel is obtained from the Signal Index.

An explanation of the above mentioned indexes incl. based on which factors they are calculated shall not be part of this blog and can be read here. When clicking on a specific tile in the Recommendation view the Customer Insight tab is opened for that customer.

Recommendation View

The Customer Insights capability described in this blog provides a Customer 360 view targeted at sales reps. In the next blog we will highlight the Customer Hub - a view aimed at service agents in a live customer interaction..