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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Automated cross channel marketing campaigns can be designed and planned with the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud campaign designer. It enables automatically control which campaign actions like the following shall happen after a customer action:

  • send mail,

  • SMS,

  • Facebook,

  • Paid search (e.g. Google Adwords)

  • Wechat

  • letter or file export,

  • call center call e.g. in SAP CRM or C4C,

  • SAP CRM or C4C lead, task, appointment and opportunities

  • or custom campaign actions (e.g. using open channel)

With Hybris Marketing Cloud it is easy to control which channel to use after a certain trigger from a customer happened (e.g. link clicked). Furthermore also campaign channels like Webshop banner, Facebook, paid search (e.g. Google, Bing) or WeChat are supported.

A simple marketing automation might e.g.

  • determine which link has been clicked in a mail by whom and

  • automatically send a follow-up mail or

  • do an outbound call after 3 days which then

  • provides detail information on the clicked product.

See the videos on the left and below to get an impression on how this works.

Do you want to get more insight? Here is a series of documents with demos which show that SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is a new category of marketing software:

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  3. Segmentation with predictive analytics, scoring and product recommendation out-of-the-box

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