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Recently I was responsible for a performance benchmark test and I need to create a large number of One order documents as test data. For each created document, it is assigned with a random number of items and a random sales / service order from organization unit pool. as we need a draft overview statistic about the order item number distribution and the usage of each organization as Sales / Service organization unit, I write this simple tool.

Run the following report, and it gives the following output in my system:

DATA(result) = zcl_crm_order_statistic=>count( ).

`Order Item number overview` ).

cl_demo_output=>display( result-item ).

`Sales Org usage overview` ).

cl_demo_output=>display( result-sales ).

`Service Org usage overview` ).

cl_demo_output=>display( result-service ).

Below picture means there are one order in my system which has been assigned with 5000 items, and 1 order with 2000 items etc.

If you would like to know the exact order information, set breakpoint on the end line of method count_item, then you can find the order guid from column DETAIL:

The below screenshot means the Sales Organization 50000732 are used in 38746 orders.

And this is for Service Org accordingly.

The source code of ZCL_CRM_ORDER_STATISTIC could be found from my github.

If you would like to achieve a better display of result, for example, to review them in browser instead of SAPGUI, you can refer to this blog Step by step to use jChartFX in BSP application.

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