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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

When supporting CRM Interaction Center in Product Support, I have seen that sometimes agents are not aware that they have already reached the maximum number of sessions.

Maybe you have at some point observed similar issues where new inbound communications like phone calls have been re-routed because agents have opened too many sessions and your IC agents were not aware that they have reached the maximal number of sessions? Without the right parameter settings from SAP Note 1597836, exceeding maximum backend sessions could also lead to session lost information on CRM IC.

If yes, I am really happy to tell you that SAP Note 2187140 available for CRM 7.0 EHP1 and higher can help you here. It introduces two new parameters which ensures better transparency for IC agent about session usage.

Using business role parameter,

  • BM_ON_MAX: you can ensure that IC agents are informed via Broadcast messaging that they reached the maximum number of sessions
  • NOT_READY_ON_MAX: you can achieve a switch from Ready to Not Ready workmode, so the communication management system is informed and will not route inbound communication to the IC agent

This is just one improvement you can benefit from. There are many other improvements like New icon to more easily close sessions Ensure that a new multissioning tab is opened for every inbound communication Making new sessions faster accessible Switching faster between multisessiong tabs.

Check KBA 2330336 for an summary of these new great features.