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Anyone involved in SAP CRM will have come across BDocs (short for Business Documents). Hopefully this information will enhance your understanding of them. 



  • A Container of business data that contains all the required information for a business process

  • The smallest unit of data for supporting a single complete business transaction

  • A logical unit of data involved in Business flow has a number of segments which in turn has a number of fields

  • Each segment can be associated to one or more tables

  • Segment field is associated with a table field via Mapping


  • BDoc Type (structure)

    • Defined for every business object

    • Contains all the fields that make up that business object

  • BDoc Instance

    • Any given BDoc type containing all field values

  • BDoc Message

    • Contains only modified fields including new/deleted fields

    • BDoc instance is replicated to mobile clients using BDoc messages

BDoc Classes

  • Messaging BDocs

    • Data exchange between CRM and R/3 or other external systems

    • Not mapped to database tables

  • Synchronization BDocs

    • Data exchange between CRM and mobile clients

    • Processed on mobile client and on CRM server

    • Mapped to database tables and stored in the CDB

  • Mobile Application BDocs

    • Used by CRM Mobile applications

    • Processed on mobile clients only

    • Mapped to database tables


In CRM, System Monitoring is available. Tools are provided so you can monitor the entire data exchange.

Its also possible to create your own BDocs, using the BDoc Modeller. (Transaction SBDM)