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This blog post is going to show you a bit more about calculated key figures. I have written about data operators that can be used while creating those key figures and they can be found on the blog posts below:

For restricted key figures, please refer to Creating Restricted Key Figures

Creating Calculated Key Figures

In order to create calculate key figures, please follow with the steps below:

  1. Go to Business Analytics work center and Design Key Figures view;

  2. Click on New button;

  3. Type a name;

  4. Select a data source;

  5. Type: Calculated Key Figure;

  6. Click on Next button;

  7. In the 2nd step of your key figure creation, you will have on the left side of your screen a list with the available key figures that can be used for building a new one. Double click on the needed existent key figure and you will see that it has been added into the formula label, located in the center of the screen;

  8. Use the aforementioned blog posts in order to choose the proper operators to build a formula/function in the formula label;

  9. Repeat the steps 8 and 9 until your formula label is complete with the information you need;

  10. Click on Next button;

  11. In the 3rd step (key figure properties), you will have few options that are listed after this steps;

  12. Define the needed properties to achieve your business goals;

  13. Click on Next button;

  14. Review your key figure;

  15. Click on Finish button.

Key Figure Properties

Common Calculated Key Figures Questions/Issues

I hope this blog post will be able to help you in any doubt you might have about calculated key figures. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate on bringing it in the comments area below! Your use case could be another's doubt as well. 🙂