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After client copy in CRM landscape, the logical systems in tables are referring to the old system, so that we need to convert them for the new systems.

Therefore, please ensure BDLS is run for 3 times after client copy in CRM landscape:

(1)Once on the R3 Backend system, in order to convert the logsys entry from the old value to the new one in all relevant tables.

(2) A further time on the CRM to convert all corresponding table entries from the old CRM logical system value to the new one.

(3) Additionally, there are tables on the CRM which refer to the logical system value of the R3; for this reason it is necessary to run BDLS a second time on the CRM, in order to convert entries from the old R3 Logical System value to the new one in these tables.

Transaction BDLS is works in such a way that all tables are checked for fields defined with data dictionary element of DDIC type "LOGSYS" and "EDI_PARNUM". Any fields defined in SE11 with either of these data elements referring to the olg logical system value should be changed to the new value. No other field values are modified by BDLS.

To find out whether the table is to be converted by BDLS, please go to SE11, enter the name of the table and and double click on the Data Element of the field containing the logsys value. Then please check whether the Data Element has its 'Domain' defined as"LOGSYS" or "EDI_PARNUM" .

I am sorry for an earlier blog that saying the product tables such as COMM_PRODUCT cannot be converted by BDLS. The logical system field LOGSYS of table COMM_PRODUCT should also be converted.

Though the data element is COMT_LOGSYS, but the domain is actually LOGSYS:

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