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Product and Topic Expert
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It’s a well-known fact that personalized marketing messages which reflect the recipient’s context are better accepted and lead to higher click and conversion rates (e.g. in terms of revenue).
The challenge is how to identify the customers context (i.e. is he about to leave? is he interested in a new purchase?) and how to compose a personalized message which recommends and offers the right content.
In the past a consistent and personalized message could only be achieved by doing local campaigns (e.g. for webshop or service only) which did not span across the systems.

The down side of those locally fragmented campaigns was that you only could talk on one channel and provide context only from one front-end system (e.g. customers with service tickets).
It was not possible to relate a potential purchase of a consumer to reading a product review and a service incident for another product. With SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud as the central marketing suite it is easily possible to relate e.g.:

  • product recommendations for a consumer

  • with his web browsing behavior,

  • the status of a service request and

  • use the adjacency to a brick-and-mortar store

to propose a special offers independent from the channel to the consumer. See the video below to learn how to leverage offer and product data within a mailing using conditions.


With the multi language mailing capabilities you can create mailings which have different language versions by copying and translating the source language layout and its conditional content blocks.

  • Create multiple languages within the same mail

  • Copy content and layout from the source language or upload the corresponding file

  • Freely change e.g. text, pictures and links in the language versions

  • Automatically send the right language to each recipient

  • Send the default language if contact language is unknown

  • Personalize subject lines with conditions (e.g. show specific subject if contact is male)

Finally you can also leverage the omni-channel product recommendation engine of Hybris Marketing to send personalized product recommendations based on the predictive recommendation models (e.g. products bought by similar contacts). In the video below you see how this works:


Do you want to get more insight? Here is a series of documents with demos which show that SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is a new category of marketing software:

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