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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


For marketing content like emails or landing pages it is essential to be able to easily search for images and add them to the content. In 1902 we added the capability to connect any digital asset management system (DAM) to the Content Studio of SAP Marketing Cloud.

For customers who do not have a DAM system we added a simple ready-to-use content repository with limited functionality to give them an easy start to use this feature. However, this simple content repository is not intended as an alternative to a full-featured DAM system. To give you some guidance on all the alternatives I have prepared an overview of all options with their characteristics below.

General Characteristics of the Content Repository

  • Embed pictures in content objects like emails and landing pages

  • Simple search of pictures in the attached repository or multiple repositories

  • Picture upload from within the Content Studio. This is only available for:

    • Simple Content Repository

    • SAP Document Center (optionally)

Repository Options (Sorted from Simple to Feature-rich)

  1. Simple Content Repository (see documentation / blog post)

    • Out-of-the-box entry level solution without additional cost (Except for CDN).

    • Embedded Content Repository with restricted functionality

      • Restricted storage capacity

      • File types restricted to images

      • No specific governance

      • No folder hierarchy

      • No editing

      • No integration into SharePoint or other DAM system

    • Works right out of the box in the quality system

    • Possibility to use a CDN for improved security and global performance (Mandatory for the production system)

    • Gradual improvements are possible but the simple content repository is not intended to replace a more sophisticated DAM solution!

  2. SAP Document Center as Image repository for the content studio (see documentation)

    • Dedicated UI for more governance / flexibility

    • Storage extensible

    • Can integrate via CMIS into underlying Sharepoint infrastructures or other DAM

    • Additional cost

    • Possibility to use a CDN for improved security and global performance (Not mandatory but recommended)

  3. SAP Product Content Management (SAP Commerce Cloud - link)

    • Commerce-related assets like product pictures (see documentation)

  4. Template for 3rd party cloud-based DAM solution (see documentation😞

    • Supported DAM solutions:

    • Enterprise-level solution

    • Sophisticated DAM functionality including asset production, planning and high level of governance.

    • Maximum flexibility / governance

    • Integration template available on (login required)

  5. Generic integration of 3rd party DAM (see documentation)

    • Connect any DAM by implementing a project solution based on the generic adapter

    • Generic adapter available on (login required)


With this guideline you should be able to understand the options you have for our Content Repository functionality and have the ability to plan for future expansions when you need more features.