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In preparation for the SAP Emarsys Summer Release (arriving on July 13th), I’d like to introduce some of the new features we will be including.  

Today’s topic: Loyalty Referral program.

What is the Loyalty Referral Program?

This is a new referral action available in our Loyalty product. It lets Loyalty members send personalized links to their friends with limited-time incentives to make a purchase. If the purchase is completed, the member receives a reward from you.

It's a win-win-win situation.

How does it work?

Setting it up is very straightforward and takes (literally) minutes.

  1. You first need to add a column to your sales data file to contain the referral voucher codes. This is the only technical step in the entire process. 

  2. Then create a triggered email campaign to deliver the voucher code to the friend. 

  3. Create a Referral action in the Loyalty Actions tab and define your rewards and limits (see below).

  4. Define the messaging that both the member and the friend will see in the Loyalty Wallet.  

  5. Finally, activate the action. 

And that’s it! 

From a customer perspective, the journey is as follows: 

  1. The Loyalty member sees the referral offer in their Loyalty Wallet with a personalized link:

    The Loyalty Wallet as seen by the Loyalty member

  2. They can send this link to their friends on any channel they choose.

  3. When the friend clicks the link, your web shop opens with a special Loyalty Wallet informing them of the voucher:

    The Loyalty Wallet as seen by the friend

  4. The friend enters their email address. The voucher will be sent via email to ensure delivery, but you can also decide to display it directly on the screen.
    Important: The friend’s email address is linked to one voucher code only and is kept for 30 days to prevent fraudulent use, after that it is deleted. In other words, this is not a back-door route to securing an opt-in. Of course we hope the friend will register with you, but they will have to do so separately (or as part of your check-out process). 

  5. The friend uses the voucher for their purchase. 

  6. The member will see their reward on the Rewards tab of their Loyalty Wallet. 

This interaction all takes place within the Loyalty Wallet, with easy templates to let you define your messaging with no technical know-how required. 

The Loyalty Wallet content editor

To give you more control over your discounting, and to prevent fraudulent use, we have also built in some (optional) checks: 

  • You can set a minimum amount below which no reward will be given. 

  • You can limit the number of codes a member can send to their friends in a calendar year. 

  • You can set a limit on how many rewards can be earned by a member in a calendar year. 

The Referral Setup page

Why have we developed this feature?

Customer loyalty is at the core of every successful business. It’s critical. Without it you won’t survive, it’s that simple. 

At Emarsys we think this is so critical that we have just created a global Loyalty Index report. It’s due to be published in the coming days so watch this space (and follow the SAP Emarsys Loyalty tag to make sure you don’t miss it). 

Want to learn more about Emarsys Loyalty?

That’s about all I can say about this in a single blog, but you can always follow this up. 

If you are an SAP Emarsys customer 

Please make sure to join one of our two upcoming release webinars:

You can also read up on our product documentation.

If you are not yet an SAP Emarsys customer  

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