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In preparation for the SAP Emarsys Autumn Release (arriving March 23rd), I’d like to introduce some of the new features we will be including.

Today’s topic: Engagement Reporting

But before I start, a quick reminder to check our Product Updates page for details on the trainings and webinars that we are providing to support this release.

What is Engagement Reporting?

Have you ever looked at the responses from a particular campaign and wondered 'why was engagement so low here?'

One answer could be that your content is not interesting to your recipients. This is always possible. But let's assume you have a crack team of copywriters and lots of great stuff to say, but you're still not getting the responses you expect.

The answer is deceptively simple: You're sending to the wrong people.

Over the 2 decades that Emarsys has been in the business of email marketing, we have always known there is a close connection between the performance of your campaign and the quality of the contact list that you address. But it hasn't always been easy to clean that contact list up.

The Engagement Reporting screen is the latest in our data analysis tools that helps you track and monitor the campaign performance based on the quality of the audience the campaign was sent to.

It provides actionable data on engagement that lets you make informed choices on how to manage your contact database for optimal results.

How does it work?

We assign an engagement score to each of your contacts, and then break down the campaign responses based on these categories.

The engagement score is based on how long the contact has been in your database and how recently they have interacted (clicked) with one of your campaigns.

The resulting report provides insights into how Active, Inactive, Long-term Inactive and Newly registered contacts are performing.

The Engagement Reporting screen

Why is this good for me?

Sending emails to inactive contacts is a sure-fire way to damage your sender reputation.

With this report you can easily identify which contacts you should engage with on a different channel and which ones you should delete for good. Maintaining a healthy contact database will let you tailor your content even more to your different customer types and create campaigns that perform better.

It really is that simple.

You can read more about it, with some strategy tips and best practice examples, in our product documentation.

Where do I sign up?

No need - this is being released bglobally with the Emarsys Spring '22 Release! Enjoy!