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If you are one of those people that looked at SAP CRM in the past and said, “user experience is more important than integration and SAP does not understand Simple”, you should attend the CRM 2015 conference in Las Vegas March 30 – April 1.  Not only does SAP CRM applications integrate to SAP ECC better than any product on the market, it has a new consumer grade user interface that trumps any other product in the market.  SAP’s cloud strategy provides the ability to release new capabilities to the market every 3 month.  It also enables SAP to keep up with the latest and greatest user interface and mobility trends.  Customers are deciding against other CRM packages to deploy SAP Cloud for Customer.  It not only provides “Best of Breed” Customer Relationship Management but focuses on Customer Engagement & Commerce.  It was developed by looking at how a business user works - and not pigeon-holing the user into a three-letter acronym of CRM.  Sales and Service users need more than CRM, they need information from back office applications, and they need to be able to easily interact with human resources, training and expense management applications.  Those users want the application to run the same on whatever device they wish to use (laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) and they want it to be as simple as playing "Candy Crush".

At the CRM 2015 Insider event, you can hear, see and touch these new innovations by SAP.  I would recommend the following sessions:

  • The “Best practices for leveraging the latest capabilities delivered in SAP Cloud for Sales” session takes a detailed look at SAP's latest innovation to improve the efficacy of your sales organization with SAP Cloud for Sales.
  • The Live demo session “An omni-channel approach for driving customer service excellence” explores how to achieve service excellence through an omnichannel approach using SAP Cloud for Service.
  • “An updated guide to SAP Field Service management” session provides a demo of and detailed insight into the latest innovations in SAP Field Service capabilities.
  • The Live demo of “Engage with customers through social media like never before with SAP Cloud for Social Engagement” provides a firsthand view of SAP Cloud for Social Engagement and how it empowers call center staff to engage with customers through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • The “Customizing and extending SAP Cloud for Customer applications to suit your needs” session examines options for extending upon the standard functionality in SAP Cloud for Customer to meet unique business and user requirements.

If your sales and service professionals are looking for a way to be more effective, efficient, and engage better with their customer, the CRM 2015 Insider event in Las Vegas is the place to be.  See you there!