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Marketing( SAP Emarsys) and Sales(SAP Sales Cloud) collaborate to create email campaigns that are personalized so that emails are sent on behalf of the responsible sales representatives

Business Use Case:

The marketer would like to send email on behalf of a sales representative by creating a trigger-based email campaign and then the sales representatives in SAP Sales Cloud can review the campaign, assign themselves to specific contacts, and add comments.

Key Capabilities and Business Benefits:

  • Personalized omnichannel experiences for building trusted and lasting customer relationships

  • Accelerated time-to-value by aligning proven engagement strategies with desired business outcomes

  • Measurable business results driving predictable and profitable growth


  • SAP Emarsys Account Engagement integrated with SAP Sales Cloud

  • Marketer assigned to the role Account_Engagement_Marketing_Expert in BTP

  • Sales representative assigned to the role Account_Engagement_Sales_Representative in BTP


As per the latest release, there is a change for the Sales Campaign with Review feature. The sales campaign works with normal email campaigns instead of triggered campaigns!
The major benefit is that sales campaigns can now run without any rate limitation which we had with triggered campaigns. There is still a two-step process required:

  • Create an email campaign with recipient source 'Using the API'

  • Create a sales campaign with a link to that email campaign

Hence choose Email Campaign in Step 1 instead of Triggered based Campaign. And the recipient source is "Using the API"

Step1: The marketer creates a triggered email campaign with personalization

Marketer selects Triggered Email from the channel to create a new Triggered Email.

Click on Create Mail stream and then select Create Block-based Email

Select any templates to create the campaign


Provide the Email Name and create a new external event in the Trigger source. Enter the other details if required. Save and click on 2.Content Creation

In the Content Creation, enter a Subject line, From (name), and From (email address).

From name ex: {{ems_account_review.employeeEmailAddressLocal|default("sales")}}

On the Scheduling step, choose Activate Mail Stream.

You have prepared a triggered email campaign and can now decide to collaborate with the responsible sales representatives in a review of the content.

Step2: Create a Contact list

Create a segment based on the filter conditions such as the MDI Account UUID of Contact is not empty or Industry equals manufacturing. Save and click on Display Contacts. Then save this as a Contact list


Step3: Sending Sales Campaigns for Review

Select Sales Campaign in the Channels menu

Choose to create a review for Campaign to create a new one or you could copy the existing one.

Include triggered-based email campaigns and segments created in steps 1 and  2. Include the Scheduling date. Save and Send for review


You have sent the email campaign to sales for review. You can monitor the progress of the review on the Sales Campaigns overview by selecting the Collaboration icon for the campaign.

Step4: Reviewing Sales Campaigns

sales representatives to review sales campaigns created by marketers in SAP Account Engagement and give feedback. This collaboration between sales and marketing ensures a personalized email experience for contacts

Login into Sales Cloud with  Sales representative user.

Choose Campaign Reviews under the Sales work center.


If a sales representative is assigned to an account team in the SAP Sales Cloud system multiple times with different party roles, they are excluded from the review process. If the sales representative exists once for an account team they are included in the review.

Select the review you require from the list

In the Audience tab, you see the list of contacts that are relevant for you. If the marketer specified in the sales campaign that contacts can be added or removed. elect one or more contacts in the list and choose the Exclude button to remove contacts or use the Exclude toggle switch to remove individual contacts

Select a contact in the list and choose Assign to Me to indicate that the email should appear as if it was sent from you to the contact. You can also individually assign yourself or other sales representatives to contacts using the Assigned To dropdown list.

Select the Nicely Done button to offer quick positive feedback.

You can also select the Add Comment button to enter textual comments about your positive feedback or any concerns you have for the email campaign.


Step5: Checking the Review Progress

Marketers in SAP Account Engagement can check the progress of the sales campaign review.

Actions performed by the sales representatives in the SAP Sales Cloud system during the review are updated automatically for the marketer in SAP Account Engagement. Choose the Collaboration icon for a campaign on the Sales Campaigns overview.

At any point during the review, the marketer can see which sales representatives have responded and the overall feedback on the review.


Marketer is able to create email campaigns and decide on the collaboration they'd like to have with sales. The Sales Campaign is scheduled and the responsible sales representative in SAP Sales Cloud can review the campaign to add or remove contacts and provide feedback on the campaign content. The result is a personalized email campaign targeting the right audience.