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Disclaimer: The information is not up to date.

With SAP Marketing Cloud, you are able to import your own SAP HANA Views by using the SAP Fiori App “Add Custom Views”. This blog post tells you the steps you need to carry out to set up the SAP Web IDE for building HDI Calculation Views.

There is information that is now showing up in “Add Custom Views” that SAP HANA database version 2.0 will be used in the Add Custom Views application. Due to this change, the SAP HANA Studio will no longer be supported for modelling Custom Views. After the transition, only Analytical Models from SAP HANA Development Infrastructure (HDI) will be supported for import. For modelling you can, for example, use SAP HANA express edition that offers an SAP Web IDE. For more information, see Choose SAP HANA View .

In this blog post, it is explained how to set up SAP Web IDE in Cloud Foundry HANA Trial Account.


Create a TRIAL ACCOUNT in Cloud Foundry

1.Enter the HANA Trial account using the URL:

2.Click on Enter Your Trial Account.

Once the page loads you will get the below options as shown in the screenshot:

3.Click on New Subaccount and provide the below details as shown, and click on Create:


It will take some time to create the subaccount:

4.Once the account is created, you can see the screen as below:


5.Click on Enable Cloud Foundry.

You will get the below popup, click on Create.

The system will take some time to configure with the message as shown:


Once the configuration is completed you will get the below screen as shown:


6.Click on Create Space.

In the pop-up shown fill the inputs and click on Create.

The space will be created as shown:


7.Click on Entitlements from left panel as shown:


8.Click on Configure Entitlements.

9.Click on Add Service Plans. A pop-up will appear. Enter Hana in the search box and select

SAP HANA Services and HDI Containers Trial from the search result and select the available plans: Securestore, Schema, HDI-Shared as shown below:

10.Click on Add Service Plans. Again, search for Web IDE, select SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA Development. Select the TRIAL option from the available plans as shown below:

11.Save the changes:


12. Select Subscriptions from the left panel and choose SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA Development as shown in the below screenshot:

13. Click on Subscribe.

14. Click on Go to Application.


15. Web IDE will open in a new window like below:


16. Select the Settings icon from the left panel and select Cloud Foundry:


17. Enter API Endpoint, Organization, and Space details.

Provide Email and password for logging in.


18.Select Extensions from the left panel and search for HANA in the search box.

Enable SAP HANA Database Development Tools and SAP HANA Database Explorer, and choose Save.


Now the setup is ready to build HDI Calculation Views.


Kindly follow the below blog to Export white-listed content to build HDI Calculation Views.

Exporting Whitelisted Content and Importing it to SAP Web IDE (Cloud Foundry account)