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Update: Clickstream data capture is now available with SAP Hybris Commerce 6.5. Please refer to this blog for more information.


You can now use clickstream event capturing to send data about user shopping behavior from SAP Hybris Commerce to SAP Hybris Marketing. This functionality is available for integration with SAP Hybris Commerce version 6.0 and higher, and for any version of SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud and SAP Hybris Marketing.


When your customers’ most recent activities in the online store are sent to SAP Hybris Marketing, they provide additional fuel for the recommendation and personalization engines. With this input, the personalized store contents and product recommendations provided by the base integration become even more targeted.


You can send the following events to SAP Hybris Marketing:

  • View product detail page

  • Add to cart

  • Remove from cart

  • Successful checkout


With the direct, point-to-point integration of clickstream data with SAP Hybris Marketing, you can enjoy fast turnarounds without relying on middleware to connect your systems. Furthermore, the clickstream package allows you to configure an optional queuing capability that enables clickstream events to be staged.


The workflow is summarized in the following diagram:


Please download the clickstream package and documentation from this public share.