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A new view called as a “Chunk” View is now available in Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone as an alternative view for Table/List views with 1608 release of SAP Hybris Cloud for customer.

In Desktop and Tablet, first 9 fields from List View are shown in new chunk view.

  • If the Key user adapts the List view (add columns, remove columns, or change sequence) the changes are reflected in Chunk view as well.
  • If end user personalizes the list view (add columns, remove columns or change sequence) the changes are reflected in Chunk view as well.
  • In HTML5 data sets like Accounts we offered Card view in the past. This Card view of HTML5 is very similar to Chunk view in Responsive UI, so HTML5 card view will not be offered in Responsive UI.

In Smartphone the first 7 fields from list view are shown

  • If the Key user adapts the List view (add columns, remove columns, or change sequence) the changes will be reflected in Chunk view.
  • Key user can also use smartphone layout to specifically hide some fields only for smartphone.
  • If end user personalizes list view (i.e add columns, remove columns or change sequence) the changes will be reflected in chunk view as well.
  • List view is not supported in smartphone, instead default view for smartphone, is chunk view for better touch experience.
  • We also offer a condensed chunk view, in which field descriptions are not shown. only the field values are shown. This saves some space, and helps print more rows. End user can decide to switch to condensed chunk view if they understand the fields based on looking at values only.

Navigation in chunk view

For Mouse-controlled devices like desktop, Chunk view will show all links.

For touch-enabled devices (Like Tablet & Smartphone) only the first field is shown as a link, hence only one navigation is supported. This has been done to reduce the number of tap areas and improve touch experience.

In all List view/table, please ensure that in the first column supports navigation. So that navigation from Chunk view works.

Dependency to have primary navigation as first field in list view/table is a limitation in 1608 release, and will be fixed in future.

Important to-do for key user in 1608:

As a key user, please use the Adapt > Master Layout to bring the main navigation target as first column.

For example in Account result set, ensure that the first column is ‘Account Name’, as Account Name is used to navigation to Account Detail view. If you configure, for example, Account ID field as first column which is not a link, then no navigation will be triggered from Chunk view.

Another usability feature to reduce number of clicks that has been introduced is that application remember the last visualization (List View, Chunk View, Map View etc) used on a specific device, and load the same view next time. For example: If for Account data set, you selected Map visualization, then next time you click on Account data set, it will load Map view, instead of List view.

Note: The last visualization is device and users specific, for the following reasons

  1. Users may prefer a chunk view on Tablet because of better touch experience and List view on Desktop.
  2. Same visualization may not be available on every device, for example in Smartphone we do not offer List view. Instead we offer Condensed chunk view in smartphone. For some tables you may need both field description and value, but in some other tables displaying values will be desired.
  3. Functionally a user might prefer a map view on Tablet vs List view on Desktop.

As these preference are very users specific for device, we simply remember the last visualization used by the user on each device. If you change the device you will have to set these preferences again.