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This blog series is designed to help in understanding the concept and usage of change projects in business configuration. The idea of this series is to explain the features of the change projects, and some do's and dont's while working on it. This blog series will contain following articles:

  1. Introduction - Concept and Usage
  2. Change Project Types - Remote or Local
  3. Change Project - Merge and Sync with Production
  4. Change Project Life Cycle
  5. Change Project FAQ Page

In this blog, we concentrate on the the different types of Change Projects.

How do I create a Change Project?

This is a Change Project created and present locally in the Production Tenant throughout its life cycle. It can be created by clicking on the “New” in the Business Configuration->Implementation Projects view.

What are the different Types of Change Projects?

There are essentially 2 types of Change Projects

  1. Local Change Project

Can I test the changes made in the Change Project?

No, any Scoping and Fine Tuning changes made in the Local Change Project are not deployed into the runtime of the system until it is merged back to the Productive Workspace.

The reason for this is, there is only leading Implementation Project in every tenant and in the Productive tenant, it would be the “Live” project. Business Configuration->Overview view can be used to find out what has been scoped and fine-tuned in the Productive tenant.

When will I be able to use the changes done in the Change Project productively?

You can productively use the changes in the Change Project when you merge the Change Project to Production.

When do I create a Local Change Project?

You would create a Local Change Project only if you are absolutely sure of the changes to be done and the impact on Productive system.

     2. Remote Change Project

How do I move the Change Project to the Test tenant?

    1. Go to Service Control Center workcenter, and the view Systems.
    2. Click on Copy Solution Profile button


Can I test the changes made in the Change Project?

Yes, you can test the change project in the Test Tenant to which it has been moved. The Change Project would be the leading project in the Test Tenant, hence, any changes (Scoping or Fine-tuning) is deployed into the runtime of the Test Tenant and can be used for Testing.

What happens to Change Project in Production when it is moved to Test Tenant? Can I still work with the project in Production?

Once the Change Project has been moved to the Test Tenant, you would not be able to work on the project only in the Test Tenant. There is only a reference shown in the Implementation Projects OWL in the production

Can I move one Change Project to multiple test tenants?

One Change Project can be moved only to one test tenant

Do I need a new test system or I can move to an existing test system?

Depending on the contract, you can have only one test tenant or multiple test tenants. You can move the Change Project to existing test tenant using “Copy Solution Profile” in Service Control Center. If the existing test tenant is unusable, a decommissioning request can be created through an incident and a new test tenant can be requested using the Service Control Center

What will happen to my existing Test Tenant if I move a Change Project there?

Once a Change Project is moved to a Test Tenant, the tenant would be in the same level as Production Tenant in terms of Business Configuration (Scoping and Fine Tuning)[Assumption here is that there has been no further changes in the Production after the creation of the Change Project]

When will I be able to use the changes done in the Change Project productively?

You will be able to use the changes in the Change Project productively after you merge the changes to the Production. The changes would be available in the Production after merge and then can be used productively.

When do we create a Remote Change Project?

You would create a Remote Change Project, to completely test the changes to be made (eg. Add additional functionality etc) completely before patching the changes to production.

Can I have multiple Change Projects in parallel at the same time?

Yes,there is no restriction on creation of multiple change projects. However, the best practice is to have only one Change Project running in the system as multiple conflicting Change Projects may cause issues during merge.

Apart from Change Projects, can I make configuration changes that are effective immediately in Production?

Yes, for some fine tuning settings (pre-defined by SAP), you can make changes directly in Production through Business Configuration->Overview. Search for the required setting and “Change Immediately”.

Scoping  Changes can only be done through a Change Project.

With this we come to the end of the second blog in the blog series. The third blog would concentrate on the Sync and the Merge process.