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This blog series is designed to help in understanding the concept and usage of change projects in business configuration. The idea of this series is to explain the features of the change projects, and some do's and don'ts while working on it. This blog series will contain following articles:

  1. Introduction - Concept and Usage
  2. Change Project Types - Remote or Local
  3. Change Project - Merge and Sync with Production
  4. Change Project Life Cycle
  5. Change Project FAQ Page

By now, you must be familiar with the change project processes and how to use it. This blog post discusses a change project life cycle in brief. In simple words, a change project process starts with its creation and ends with its closure. In between this life span, a change project goes through various phases. The picture below explains these various phases in an easy to understand flowchart.

From the above picture, it is clear that a change project can reside in a productive system for its whole life span without getting moved to a test system. This is true in case of a local change project. However, in case of a remote change project, the change project has few phases in a productive system and few phases in a test system.

What all are possible in different phases of a change project is explained in other pages of this blog series therefore I do not find a need to repeat here. Apart from this, many of your clarifications might get answered in the FAQ page.