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This blog series is designed to help in understanding the concept and usage of change projects in business configuration. The idea of this series is to explain the features of the change projects, and some do's and dont's while working on it. This blog series will contain following articles:

  1. Introduction - Concept and Usage
  2. Change Project Types - Remote or Local
  3. Change Project - Merge and Sync with Production
  4. Change Project Life Cycle
  5. Change Project FAQ Page

This FAQ page is a running page to document answers and explanations arising in change project area.

Question - Can I create a change project in a customer test system?

Answer- No, a change project can only be created in a customer production system.

Question - I do not see "new" button active in Business Configuration - Implementation Projects list?

Answer - This new button will only be active when your production system's implementation project "First Implementation" is in status "Live".

Question - What is meant by "Go Live"?

Answer - "Go Live" here means the initial go live of the system when the "First Implementation" project is set to "Live" status. You can create change projects only after this phase of Go Live confirmation.

Question - What kinds of configuration changes I can perform before and after go live?

Answer - There is no restriction on configuration changes before go live. You can do scoping or fine tuning changes in this phase of project. After go live, there are certain restriction on making configuration changes. These restrictions are in place to avoid getting discrepancies in the production system. After go live, user is not allowed to do any change with respect to scoping of the implementation project. User can do most of fine tuning related modifications, however there are few fine tuning activities which are not allowed to be modified after go live phase.

Question - Can I create a change project from some existing solution template?

Answer - No, this is not possible. When a change project is created, a copy of the existing live implementation project is created as a change project.

Question - Can I transfer my change project to an existing test system or I need to get a new test tenant for this?

Answer - Yes, you can transfer your change project to an existing test system in the customer landscape.

Question - Can I transfer a change project to multiple test system from a production system?

Answer - No, a change project from a production system can only be transferred to one test system but not to many. For example, in a standard 3-tier system landscape (Dev-QA-Production), a requirement might be to first transfer the change project to dev system, and from their transfer to QA system and at last transfer or merge it with production system. This is not possible and also not much required. Testing of a change project does not much make sense in a dev tenant, but instead a change project should be modified and tested in a proper QA or test system. This way, it would be sufficient to transfer a change project from production to a proper test system.

Question - How the change project behaves in case of multiple production systems?

Answer - In case of multiple production systems, it is assumed that these are standalone production systems. A connected multiple production system is not a standard scenario in cloud for customer system landscape. Therefore, as the production systems are disconnected, a change project created in one production system can only be merged with that production system but not to others.

Question - Can I make changes to a change project in production system after I have moved it to a test system?

Answer - No, once a change project is moved to a test system successfully, you will not be able to make changes in that change project in the production system. In fact, you will see an entry of this change project in the production system stating that this change project is active in a remote system. This entry is just for a reference to know that there exists a change project in a test system. Whatever changes you want to do in this change project can only be carried out in the test system where it is moved to.

Question - Once I merge the change project from a test system, can I make changes to the change project in that test system?

Answer - No, in case your merge is successful, as a result, that change project is now moved back to the production system. In case you want to carry further changes/activities in the change project, this needs to be carried out in the production system.

Question - In case of a merged change project, can I do further configuration changes?

Answer - No, once a change project is merged, no further scoping or fine tuning changes can be done. The only activities possible after merge are migration related activities.