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CX Garage is the first project of its kind, run by the SAP Customer Experience Innovation Office. The initiative follows a rotational fellowship model that engages SAP CX employees passionate about working on innovation challenges, each lasting for 3-6 months. The challenges work to incorporate new and emerging technologies impacting customer experience, and are mainly positioned in the Horizon II space.

(Learn more about the different levels of technology innovation - Horizons by SAP.)

The first program commenced on June 3rd and focused on enriching SAP C/4HANA Suite extensibility; more precisely, providing a working prototype for harmonization of the field extensibility experience for customers. This was an architectural challenge sponsored by Dr. Werner Aigner and led by Jaspreet Kaur in Bengaluru, India. The team, located in the Startup studio area of the SAP Bangalore campus, had 5 participants – Siby (Commerce Cloud), Gagan (Marketing Cloud), Abhishek (C4C Sales Cloud), Yasir (Service Cloud) and Adithya (C4C Sales Cloud).

Challenge“Field Extensibility in SAP C/4 HANA

The objective: come up with a central app that would create extension fields, and then perform basic custom validation of these fields in the SAP C/4HANA suite. Because the suite is comprised of different clouds with diverse technology stacks and architecture, the goal was to harmonize the user experience by providing a central process for field extensions across these clouds. Set to be completed in 3 months, the challenge scope was limited to Marketing Cloud and C4C – Sales, Service and FSM. However, the approach was also validated for other clouds, and the findings were documented and shared with product architects.

Furthermore, the challenge outcomes also contributed to the TG12 (Technology Guideline 12 = Field Extensibility) of SAP's Intelligent Enterprise Strategy. The solution, documents, and findings were recently handed over to the TG12 experts in a knowledge-sharing session.


In response to the defined challenge, the innovation team came up with a solution named “CX-tend”.


Key deliverables included:

  • User story

  • Working prototype of the app – adding custom fields

  • Learnings and documentation on current gaps within the products

  • Contribution to TG12 of SAP’s intelligent Enterprise Strategy


To better understand the problem statement, the team drafted the following user story:  

Click here to watch a recording of the solution demo.

Overall, the first challenge received great feedback; the TG12 experts and SAP CX leadership appreciated what could be achieved in 3 short months. The fellowship working model for CX Garage was also proven successful – coming from various solution pillars, the participants all brought in fresh perspectives and diverse expertise to tackle the complex challenge.  Also, freedom to try out new things motivated the fellows to think outside of the box. The team hopes they will continue contributing to innovation within SAP by applying these learnings to their ‘normal’ responsibilities and team processes.

Going forward, the 2nd CX Garage Bangalore challenge has been announced and is open for applications. The focus of this 4-month challenge will be content comprehension. Find out more here.

Thank you, Jaspreet and team, for your contributions to this post*.


*Originally posted on the SAP Customer Experience Labs blog.*