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Jebbit’s no-code platform allows brands to create highly engaging interactive experiences that convert

With the fierce competition to capture consumers’ attention that is only heating up, brands are desperately searching for ways to successfully interact with and convert consumers. With the endless amount of digital noise, brands are struggling to communicate authentically with their target audience and get the insights they need. The solution? Jebbit! 

Which herbal shampoo is right for you?

Jebbit helps companies create all different kinds of interactive experiences without needing to touch a line of code. Whether it be a product match or a trivia game, these creative experiences get consumers to interact and answer questions in a way that is much more engaging than a typical survey. The average Jebbit experience sees an 85% completion rate, and takes a consumer two minutes to complete: these are two minutes where the brand has the undivided attention of the consumer, and is able to capture essential first party, self-declared data.

On average, customers capture 2–3x as many emails through a Jebbit quiz when compared to a standard lead form or email pop-up capture box

Taking control of how CPGs engage with consumers

Most of Jebbit’s customers are large enterprise brands in CPG, eCommerce, travel or the entertainment space. When brands consider working with Jebbit, they have often already built some kind of quiz, whether in-house or with an agency, and have begun dealing with how costly and time intensive it is to keep the experience maintained and optimized. By working with Jebbit, brands can take control of the experiences, and build and edit them in real-time. Brands who have run traditional surveys in the past view Jebbit as a way to create something much more engaging to the consumer, and in parallel, can use Jebbit data to validate market research, optimize marketing campaigns in real-time, and build audiences for personalized retargeting.

5–10x more people complete a Jebbit experience than a traditional survey

Choose a template. Customize. Launch.

When users log into Jebbit, they are greeted with a template gallery full of inspiration and education about different kinds of experiences they can build. Once users choose a template and update it with their own branding, colors, fonts, and questions, the experience is created, and the system generates a link or embed code that can be used in emails, shared on the company website, social media, or via text. As consumers go through the quiz and get questions, all of the data flows into Jebbit with real-time analytics, where users can see how the experiences are performing. Ultimately, Jebbit builds integrations into different CDPs, email platforms, or marketing automation platforms, where brands can act on these insights in the systems they are already running their marketing organizations on.

What they're saying about Jebbit

“Working with Jebbit, we were able to create a branded and very engaging experience to get these answers from our consumers that we really wanted, but in a playful and relatable way that feels very on brand for us.”

-Gabriela Cruz, Sr Manager, Digital Marketing, bliss

Build a data-driven customer acquisition strategy with Jebbit and SAP

For customers to see the full end-to-end success that Jebbit can provide, they need to be able to take the data out of Jebbit and plug it into other platforms. With Emarsys and SAP Customer Data Cloud, Jebbit helps SAP customers create interactive experiences that your consumers will love to engage with and capture this very valuable first party self declared data that you can then feed into any aspects of the SAP marketing cloud you are using to improve personalization and life time value of their customers.

Learn more Jebbit’s solution here!

Jebbit participated in SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort and is an SAP PartnerEdge Integrate Partner.

Read more about SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort here.

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