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Any coding or configuration examples provided in this document are only examples and are NOT intended for use in a productive system. The example is only done to better explain and visualize the topic.

The objective of this blog to reuse the Utilities 360 facet available in Customer Thing Inspector (TI) also in Ticket Thing Inspector (TI), by reusing the Utilities 360 Embedded Component (EC) provided by standard.

By end of this blog you will be adding a new facet in Service Ticket Thing Inspector (TI) which will give 360 view of a Utilities customer.

Below is the goal of this blog:-

Steps involved: -

  1. Create a solution in PDI

  2. Add Utilities 360 view to Ticket Thing Inspector (TI) facet list

1. Create a solution in PDI

Provide required information for the creation of Solution.

2. Adding a new facet in Service Ticket Thing Inspector (TI)

2.1 Open the UI Designer from PDI.

2.2 Navigate to Configuration Explorer.

Open the Service Ticket Thing Inspector (TI) using Configuration Explore

Service Ticket have dedicated views for HTML Client & RUI Client(Responsive UI), below is the details of each of the UI floor plans.

For this particular blog you will be enhancing the RUI(Responsive UI).

Details of UI floor plan:-

  • Ticket TI to be enhanced (HTML) - /BYD_COD/ServiceOnDemand/AgentWorkspace/COD_SEOD_Agent_Workspace_TI.TI.uicomponent

  • Ticket TI to be enhanced (RUI)  - /BYD_COD/ServiceOnDemand/Collaboration/COD_SR_TI.TI.uicomponent

  • Utilities 360 EC to be reused   - /BYD_COD/IndustrySolution/Utilities/UI/Extensibility/COD_UTILITIES_360_EXTENSIBILITY_EC.EC.uicomponent

HTML Version

RUI Version

2.3 Navigate to "Extensibility Explorer"

Open the respective TI and select the "ViewSwitchNavigation" from Properties view.

Navigate to "Extensibility explorer" and select Anchors of "ViewSwitchNavigation"

2.4 Add a new View

From "Extensibility Explorer" select the option "Add View with embedded Component", provide the Tab Title and choose the reusable Utilities 360 embedded component.

2.5 Configure the Navigation

Select the "Bind" and configure the navigation.

** Only bind Customer UUID

Once done press on "OK".

2.6  "Save & Activate" the Service ticket TI.

With above changes you should be able to find a new facet in Service Ticket TI.

Now if you navigate to Service Ticket Thing Inspector (TI) - (where there is a Customer assigned to the Ticket), You can view 360 overview of the respective customer.

You can follow the same steps for reusing the below ECs from standard

  • Utilities Service Order - /BYD_COD/IndustrySolution/Utilities/UI/Extensibility/COD_UTILITIES_SERVICE_ORDER_EXTENSIBILITY_EC.EC.uicomponent

  • Utilities Overview - /BYD_COD/IndustrySolution/Utilities/UI/Extensibility/COD_UTILITIES_OVERVIEW_EXTENSIBILITY_EC.EC.uicomponent