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Partner Coaching

The idea of a partner coaching is to have a 10-day time and material assignment of an experienced implementation consultant who can be consulted for project related questions. For all new C4C partners we highly recommend to use this service for the first implementation projects. This approach is established across all our partners and became a kind of best-practice.

Please find here details regarding the potential support areas and how to request a Partner Coach

C4C Useful Partner information - Partner Coaching


How to address Requests and Issues to SAP

There are multiple channels to address Requests and Issues related to C4C, which shall be used dependent on the category. Please use the described channels to address your requests in the most efficient way. The following blog posts describes how you can handle the different types of requests like defects, requirements, consulting issues and custom developments:

C4C Useful Partner information - How to address Requests and Issues to SAP