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The following are some screenshots showing some simple steps to access important information on the iPad leveraging the new responsive design user interface to the C4C service offering from SAP.

Landing Page once you logon to the app:

Removing the side panel realigns all the information tiles on the screen to the new space conveniently

Touching the screen where your name is displayed on the top right of the screen opens up a panel to access Profile information, report an incident, check for app updates and log off from the application

Touching the exclamation point icon on the top left of the screen open up a panel to display notifications that are awaiting your attention

You can conveniently search for information leveraging the magnifying glass icon available on the screen

Removing the keyboard reveals more options that can be leveraged to search for information with relevant filter criteria in searching content in C4C

Dismissing the search pane brings you back to the home screen

Touching the screen on the top left icon opens up the menu panel to allow further access to the functionality available to the end user

We hope you have as much fun using this new responsive design user interface powered by SAP Fiori as we had designing, executing, creating and rendering for our end users of the C4C service offering.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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