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The intention of this blog is to provide a brief overview on the possibilities to restrict authorizations if you work with the C4C outlook add in.


There is a two level authorization concept available when you use the Outlook add in.

The first level is defined within the regular authorization a user has based on his workcenter/workcenter view assignments and the read/write restrictions for the ‘normal’ work within C4C.

For example:

If you have only read access for contacts based on your authorizations in C4C - you can’t create new contacts via the outlook add in.

If you have no authorization to see opportunities in C4C – the add in will not show any opportunity.


But there are use cases where you want users to be able to do things in C4C which they should not do via the outlook add in.

For example: a user should be able to create new activities in C4C – but he should not be able to create them via the add in. Or – a user should be able to create tasks in C4C, but you do not want these tasks in outlook at all.

For these kind of restrictions you can also define rules.

This is done within the definition of business roles on the tab ‘Fields & Actions’ via specific ‘Business Action Restriction’

Here you can filter for the entries starting with ‘GW*’ (Groupware)

Choose the restriction you want to apply…(in this example task up/download would be switched off- even though the user is authorized to work with tasks in C4C.)

Good to know:

There is one special restriction which switches off the notification to download a new add in which all users get when locking on with the add in and if a new version is available.

If your software policy does not allow users to install software (only via central software distribution by your admin) – you can choose this option.