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This blog covers adding key user extension fields to the Guided activity floorplan for Move In process available in C4C Utilities Industry Add on.

Move In Process can be launched either from Premise or Customer Floorplan.

For this blog, lets use Premise as an entry screen

  1. Logon to the C4C tenant and Navigate to Utilities --> Premise.

  2. Click on the any premise hyperlink to open the Premise Detailed Floorplan and click on the Guided Move In Action in the ToolBar.

3. In the Move In Floorplan , Enter Adaptation Mode and Edit Master Layout

4. Click on any field in the section group where the fields needs to be added. In this example two KUT fields will be added. "Credit Check Required" in the Customer Section Group and "SSN" in the Create New Customer section group. Hover over Customer ID field in the Customer Section Group and Select Add Fields


5. In the Add Fields Pop Up,  Click New Field. Maintain the properties of the field like Label, Type etc as shown below and Click on Save and Close

6. Select the newly added field and Click on Apply. Credit Check required Field will be added to the Customer section group

7. Repeat the same steps for adding the SSN field in the New Customer section group

8. End the Layout changes and exit adaptation mode


Other References

The following blog talks about accessing these KUT fields in PDI ( SDK) Studio.

The same adaptation steps can also be used for Move Out / Transfer and Enrollment Guided Process.
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