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Last Update:  October 2015.  

You asked for it, you got it:  C4C certification is now live!   There are three tests based on the three courses:

  • C4C10 - Project implmentation / application associate
  • C4C30 - SDK / developer associate
  • C4C50 - Integration / integration associate

Here is what you need to know if you are interested in taking the certification.

1. The exams are based on the course content.  If you are relatively new to C4C, it's recommended you take the courses and participate on at least 1 project prior to taking the test.

2.  As the courses are updated with new release functionality, the exams will also be updated with 'delta' tests.  This enables you to keep your certification current.    Right now we can't say exactly when our first delta exam will take place, but we are generally thinking 1511.

3.  If you are in a location where the classes are not offered, or you already have some experience and want a refresher, you might want to enroll in the learning hub.  The learning hub has all the course content.  There is a C4C10 room that can be used to help you prepare for the test.

4.  Susan Martin's blog is the best place to get details about enrolling to take the tests.  I've got some tips below, but I can't answer all the questions on the logistics of signing up.  The certification team can answer all those detailed questions.

This is how I signed up to take the C4C10 test:

0.  If you want to skip all the steps below and go directly to the C4C10 test -use this link: It give some information on the test, including some sample questions.

1.  Go to and select your country and language. 

2.  Go to 

3.  There is the option to subscribe or to login.    If you have not yet subscribed, selected subscribe.  Then, of course, you get to pay some money for the joy of taking tests!  With the subscription you can take up to 6 different tests in a year.    The certification team can answer all your questions on this. 

4.  Once my subscription was all set, select "Access" - now it is getting very exciting!!!

5.  In the first screen you can do a test to ensure you can connect to the test.   Select Exam Dashboard to schedule the test.

6.  In the Exam Dashboard, you can see the three tests for C4C. 

7.  Select a test, and schedule!

Here are some blogs written by test takers on their experiences:

ale.kinsbrus 2nd test, he has a link back to the blog on his first test:  C4C30 certification - My experience!

My experience after my first test. I have now taken both the C4C10 and C4C50:  My first experience taking the C4C certification test