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Business Attribute and Business Attribute Set replication are unidirectional from CRM to C4C.

Business Attribute Assignment to a business partner is bidirectional.

Please check the blog for further details on Business (Marketing) Attribute Replication

Frequently Asked Questions

Error: Attribute <attribute name> not known – The marketing attribute set replication failed in Cloud for Customer
Attribute <attribute name> or AttributeSet <name> not known – The marketing attribute assignment replication failed in Cloud for Customer

The marketing attributes have to be replicated first before replicating attribute sets which refer to the attributes. Replicate the attribute set before the assignment replication is triggered.

Inbound IDoc CLFMAS for attribute assignment processed successfully, but did not save the changes

Check in the CRM system if the attribute is set as local class (check box). If this is set, then the changes will not happen via replication. Such attribute assignments can only be changed from within the system. If these have to be enabled for replication the local flag needs to be unchecked.

Error: Marketing Attribute not removed during attribute set replication

In Cloud for Customer, an attribute which is currently assigned to a business partner cannot be removed from the attribute set. So this error is an expected behavior from the BO.

If the attribute has to be removed from the attribute set, then all active assignments have to first be removed.

Error: Code list mapping for UoM

Maintain the code list mapping for UoM in MarketingAttribute.

Issues with IDoc generation in CRM

Replicate the marketing attribute to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer as outlined in this blog.

Scope Limitations in Business Attribute Replication from SAP CRM On-Premise to Cloud for Customer

You can find it in SAP Note 2278929


If your issue is still not resolved, then please raise an incident for SAP Support. Also, please send the following information in the incident:

• Problem description

• Steps to reproduce

• Cloud for Customer Message ID

• IDoc number from ERP/CRM.