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Dear SAP customers and partners,

since the launch of SAP Customer Experience Foundation in May 2019, our goal has been to provide value for the Cloud Administrator who is often responsible for managing multiple SAP Customer Experience solutions within a company's entire portfolio. All our customer interactions, Customer Engagement Initiatives, user group events, or webinars have focused on gathering feedback based on current challenges and requirements of Cloud Administrators to develop SAP Customer Experience Foundation further to improve Administrators' lives. Of course, many Administrators do have a wider focus and are not only in charge of SAP Customer Experience solutions. Throughout our engagements, we therefore did receive a broad call for a more consolidated overview of SAP products and services of which Administrators operate.

As announced in May 2020, SAP's new customer portal 'SAP for Me' meets these demands by providing customers with their very own, personalized customer portal and a transparent, 360° view of their entire SAP product portfolio as well as their interactions with SAP. As such and going forward, 'SAP for me' is and will be your go-to place in the future! In case you haven’t explored your 'SAP for Me' portal yet, we strongly encourage you to do so right here. If you like to learn more about it, please take a look at this Blog.

While 'SAP for me' as SAP’s customer portal brings together all the information customers need when interacting with SAP on the broader scale, SAP Customer Experience Foundation enriches this power with a focus on specific solutions like SAP Commerce Cloud. Here, admins can provision tenants individually, automatically, and fitting their exact project needs.

Moving forward, this is why we will ensure to make SAP Customer Experience Foundation available to all our customers of SAP Commerce Cloud in the Public Cloud. Of course, existing users of SAP Customer Experience Foundation will continue to have full access. To enter SAP through its new, digital front door as customer of any SAP solution, you are highly encouraged to explore 'SAP for me' already today!