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This blog post aims to provide hints to implement a so-called "Birthday Campaign".

The business purpose of a Birthday Campaign is to send out "Happy Birthday" mails on a daily basis to all customer or contacts celebrating birthday on the respective day.

Starting point in SAP Hybris Marketing is a dynamic Target Group that would be assigned to a scheduled campaign (to run daily) and get's updated every day.

To generate such a Target Group a segmentation model is required that allows to segment on a customer's or contact's birth day (-> select all contacts we're the birth day is today).

In SAP Hybris Marketing Segmentation there are two standard segmentation profiles ("All Consumers", "All Contacts") that provide a calculated segmentation attribute "Next Birthday" that is based on the contact's birth date and can be used to build such a target group.

Depending on your release the attribute might be hidden and needs to be enabled via "Segmentation Configuration" -> "Segmentation Objects and Attributes" App (screenshot below shows the attribute in "hidden status" as "Visible as Attribute" is unchecked).


In the segmentation application the marketing user would apply this attribute with a filter criteria "Today" + relative reference date.



As a result this target group would undergo a daily refresh triggered by the scheduled campaign sending out the daily mails.