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This article is only about Standard synchronous A2x Web service APIs for SAP Hybris Cloud  for Customer.


For creating a new Custom Web service, please refer to


First, Some basic concepts and understanding:

A2X services are Synchronous services, in that the response is send back in the same call. Essentially the
concept is A2X service is for UI consumption, synchronous access and normally user get error message right
away if something wrong, and users should be able to consume these service directly if required.

As such, It is important to understand that, as the User is getting synchronously a response, there is no need
for a response to be shown in the Web service Message monitoring tool in SAP Hybris Cloud  for Customer.


The Web Service Message Monitoring view allows you to monitor and process asynchronous incoming and outgoing messages.
These messages can be either internal or external.
ITSAM and groupware messages aren’t usually displayed.

Web Service Message Monitoring allows you to:

- handle large volumes of incoming and outgoing messages.
- search, sort, and filter messages using multiple criteria
- view detailed technical information about an error message
- view and download the content of a specific message (payload view)
- Restart a Message
- View Error Log
- View Child Messages

You may refer to "Web Service Message Monitoring Quick Guide" for further information and the different Message Status.


The Web Service APIs list available in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1708 here:
( )

You may also check the complete list of standard integration interfaces exposed by SAP Cloud for Customer via “Application and User Management” Workcenter,
“Service Explorer” view ( please refer to )


-- Troubleshooting --


There is generally 2 type of Web Service errors:

- Technical ( Connectivity Errors, messages do not get through the service )
- Content ( Messages go through the service and are successful but content is either wrong or unexpected )

First, It would help to check if the Communication Arrangement containing the service Data is correctly maintained.

Go to Application and User Management > Communication Arrangements > select the relevent Communication scenario > Check completeness
Check that the Data Maintained is correct ( Host name, port, Path URL, credentials, etc.. )
Open the Communication Arrangement ( EDIT ) and navigate to Edit advenced settings
Highlight the Service and click on "Check service" and "check Connection"


Keep in mind that a non-SAP third-party system will always return a ping error. If this is the case, Try consume a message via the service and check
if it is working before opening an incident.


Reproducing the issue manually -

You may download the WSDL from the service description and import it to a third party application such as SOAPUI to test your service request.

Step by step to consume standard C4C web service via SoapUI
( )


Connectivity Errors -

Connectivity errors can occur on the client or on the server side. Errors that occur on the client side usually mean that it is not
possible to establish the technical HTTP(S) connection to the server on the network level. Errors that occur on the server side are
usually reported through an HTTP error code.

SSL and ICM errors ( Ex: ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR & ICM_HTTP_SSL_CERT_MISMATCH ) may occur for several reasons:
Please check "Connectivity Errors - Troubleshooting" ( )

Please also check the "List of error symptoms for troubleshooting remote connectivity – Web services" ( )

Content Errors -

This may vary, Depending on the Error/ expectation results. Most likely, the form or request is not correct ( for ex: You are trying to update a particular Field
in a Sales Order but this field was not added to the service operation of the interface, hence the request is successful but the field remain unchanged.)

Going to Application and User Management > Service Explorer, you can access the documentation link of the service interface to call the correct request.


Should you need to open an incident to SAP Cloud Support, Please make sure to provide the following information:

Name of the communication arrangement which is used for the corressponding communication scenario
Screenshot that shows the erroneous web service messages (Go to work center "Application and User Management" > "Web Service Message Monitoring" or "Business Communication Monitoring")
What web service interface is used (e.g ManageCustomerIn)?
What web service operation is used (e.g MAINTAIN_BUNDLE_V1)?
What action code is used in the web service request?
Please attach original XML request and response
In case you are facing the issue in your test tenant, please provide permission to reproduce the scenario via SOAP UI and backend
In case the scenario is enhanced with custom fields, KUT fields, custom business objects or custom web service, please provide us the following, additional information (if issue is related to these enhancements):

Names of PDI or KUT fields affected
Name of the custom business object
Name of the custom web service (PDI solution ID)
Please provide us detailed information about what you are expecting to achive by executing the web service.


Further Help and resources available from your SAP System:

"Maintain ID Configuration for Web Services"
"Mashups and Web Services"
"Mashup Web Services Quick Guide"
"Create a Mashup Web Service"
"Maintain ID Configuration for Web Services"
"Web Service Message Monitoring Quick Guide"
"Upload Using a Web Service"
"Setting up a Mashup Web Service for a Custom Channel"
"Service Explorer"