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¿Quiere leer este post en español?

You have asked for it... and here it is!

Now you can automatically translate SAP Notes and KBAs into Spanish!

The feature enables you to quickly and efficiently generate an automatic translation of SAP Notes and KBAs in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad using SAP neural translation systems.

Got interested to know more about it? See the blog Self-Service Machine Translation for SAP Notes and Knowledge Base Articles in the SAP ONE Support La....

If you would like a step by step guide on how to translate SAP Notes and KBAs into Spanish, see the KBA 2852808 - How to use 'SAP Notes/Knowledge Base Articles' automatic translation feature (Spanish).

With automatic self-service machine translation for multiple languages, more SAP customers are able to read content in their native or preferred language, reducing language barriers.

Offering automatic translation to you is one more step into making your experience with SAP solutions easier.

We hope you enjoy it!

See you next time,


#SAPGoGlobal #SAPLocalization


This post was translated from English into Spanish using the SAP Translation Portal. Check it out!