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1. Purpose of this document

This document should not replace the detailed system docu and also has no intension to cover all functionalities which C4C offers with regards to tickets.

The intension is to give an example of how the functionality works.

2. use case

- Customer email should be received directly by C4C and a ticket should be created.

- The customer has a dedicated service engineer and wants to contact this engineer. Therefore a ‘personal email address’ is required.

- By sending the email to this ‘personal email address’ the system should create a ticket which is assigned to this service engineer.

- Communication with the customer is done via the ticket.

3. Email addresses-important to know

In order to send emails to C4C you need an email address in C4C where customers can send their email to.

The system can only receive emails which are sent to a generic (system generated) email address which looks like this:

You have 3 options:

a. You can send emails directly to this address

b. You can define addresses like   or

c. You can define individual email addresses like

For case a & b you have to map these email addresses on your outlook server to the generic C4C address.

-> the next slide explains how the system recognizes the different addresses.

Our use case is covered by Option c

configuration needs 4 main steps:

step 1 - email address definition

You have to define the personal email addresses for the different service engineers in C4C to which the customer can send his email. This address has to be mapped to the generic C4C email on your mail server. Therefore it makes no sense to use the ‘real ‘ email of the service engineer for this process because if you do so, all emails he gets will end up in C4C.

Email for our example:

In our example our service engineer is Herr Fleddermann

Please note that the ‘real’ email address is a different one!

Emails sent to will result in a ticket

Emails sent to will be received in the mail client

step 2 - map email on mail server

Since C4C can only receive emails which are sent to the generic email address, the ‘personal’ mail address must be mapped in the mail server to the generic address of C4C.

For my example I have used to simulate the mail server.

For the account I have created the forwarding rule to the C4C system

step 3 - channel configuration

In order to map the incoming email in C4C to the corresponding service engineer one channel per service engineer has to be defined.

step 4 - determination of service engineer as processor  when ticket is created

The processor of a ticket can be determined in 4 different ways

From the account team

From the relationship in the account

From the user

From the employee workdistribution rule

In our example we use the work distribution rule

as a result you can achieve the following process flow:

1. Customer sends email to

2. Email is forwarded by the mail server to C4C and Herr Fleddermann is assigned as processor

3. Herr Fleddermann can communicate via the ticket with the customer . The email address used for this is the one the customer has sent his original mail.

4. Customer receives answer from and can start a conversation by responding to it. As long as the ticket is mentioned in the subject, the response will be included in the already existing ticket,

5. reply is again received in  C4C and you can reply again ....