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The following blog explains the frequently asked questions on the automatic code list mapping upload from an SAP on-premise system to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. The external system may be SAP ERP, SAP CRM or S4HANA.

If you want more information about the code list mappings in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer you can check the blog here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the replication message failing with error for missing code list mapping although I have maintained the mapping for the particular code?

For the particular scenario check if the code list mapping group is maintained in the communication arrangement and the mapping has been maintained for the same mapping group in the code list mapping. The following screenshot shows you where you can assign the mapping group in your communication arrangement.


Why do a particular code list not available in the merged excel?

          There could be 2 reasons for the same.

      1. Check if the downloaded merged file from C4C has the code list available in the CodeList.csv file. If it is not available please follow the steps below:

Case 1. You are using the Mapping Group ‘SAP On Premise Integration’ for the merge: This means that none of the scenarios you have scoped is using the code list or you have manually deleted the default entry from the Code List Mapping UI for the particular code list. To include the code in your merged excel create a default entry as shown in the screen shot below for the code list against the code list mapping group you are using.

Case 2. You are using a Custom Created mapping group for the merge. In such a case you will have to create an entry in the code list mapping UI as shown below for all the code lists you want to be part of the merge.

b. The codes are available in the download from SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer but is not present in the merged files: The configuration in ERP/CRM could be wrong in this case. See if the notes which has the configuration changes for CRM and ERP are applied in the system(ERP : 2081161,CRM: 2084679)

The system throws an error ‘Error in reading the input files.’ when I try to upload?

This happens when you have manually edited the input file names inside the merged archive. The system expects the csv file names not to be changed. Check if the merged archive file which you are uploading have the following csv files inside: 


The system throws an error ‘Inconsistent values in field ACTION_CODE in CODE LIST MAPPING at line no’ when I try to upload?

This happens when the description field has a quote (“) in ERP. The quotes in description is not supported in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. To correct this issue manually edit the mentioned file in the error and go to the line number and either change the entry to correct format or remove it.

The upload was successful but there were errors/warnings raised. Where do I see the list of errors/warnings?

The messages which were raised can be viewed in the application log screen. Navigate to the results tab to see all the warnings and/or errors raised during the upload.


Following are the details of errors/warnings which are raised during the upload and how can you react to them.


a. The Upload of the merged file to C4C fails due to non-unique ISO Country Code in the log: ‘ISO code is still in use and not unique’.

Please implement the following notes in CRM/ERP: 2269166, 2277842

b. Upload to C4C fails with the error in the log: ‘RFC exception SYSTEM_FAILURE raised; the application running deliberately caused an abort with short dump.’

The upload has produced a backend dump. The dump can be checked in the backend transaction ST22. The Application information of the dump tells us which code list is causing the issue. To proceed remove the code list from the mapping and the code csv and upload. For the code which causes the dump further analysis is needed via the ticket.


a.  Mapping for Local Data Type <CODE> incomplete. Not all codes are mapped.

This means all the codes which exit for the particular data type in C4C is not mapped. Since your external system is the base for the merge we only make sure that all the codes in the external system will be mapped to a corresponding code in C4C. This message is just for information and would not affect any feature when using the replication services.

b. Description for <CODE> codevalue <VALUE> in language <LANGUAGECODE> has not been updated.

We do not update the descriptions for any code in a language if it already exist in C4C. This is an information to the user so that if he wants to keep the same description in C4C as the external system he can manually change them in the fine-tuning activity.


If your issue is still not resolved, then please raise an incident for SAP Support. Also, please send the following information in the incident:

• Problem description

• Steps to reproduce

• The downloaded and merged zip files

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