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The S-User Lifetime was brought in to reduce the work of Super Administrators, previously S-Users would need to be deleted manually but this new S-user Lifetime project will help our customers by allowing them to add a expire date to S-Users. By default, a brand-new S-User will be valid for 24 months.

However, a shorter lifespan can be defined in the user request form. This can be an interesting option if for example, within a project a set end date is known. The shortest possible validity period is 1 day. During the last 90 days the ID holder and administrators will be regularly informed that the S-user needs to be renewed.

The S-User Lifetime page on the SAP Support Portal  

Who is affected?

All S-Users will be affected with the S-User lifetime with the exceptions of Super, Cloud and User Administrators and Partner Security Managers and Technical Communication Users.

What to do next? 

An S-User and Administrator will receive an email that the S-User is about to expire.

Extension of S-User can be done by a Super Admin and you can locate who you Super admin is in the My Important Contacts 

You can request  extension of your S-User here and your Company's User Administrator will process this request. If the S-user ID is no longer needed, no action is necessary, it will be deleted automatically.  

If the administrator does not intervene despite early notifications and enough lead time an S-User ID will first be deactivated and, in a second step, even deleted. 

We advise that for your S-User login that you login with the S-User that you were notified in the email and not the email address as you may have more than one S-User associated to this.

Only in case you do have an active training subscription with SAP Training & Adoption / SAP Education, like SAP Certification, SAP Learning Hub or SAP Live Access, please take the following steps:

1. Create a new SAP Cloud login ID using the same email address of your S-User ID here.  

2. Send a short notice to containing the relevant email address. Our team will then reassign your training access to your newly created SAP Cloud ID. 

You can also contact the training and education team by using the link below. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the flag, you can find contact details for the team closet to your location;                                                                                                                                         

More information: 

We have several informative articles for our customers to read if they had any specific questions

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We hope this blog helps you to learn and understand more about S-User Lifetime  

Thanks for reading! 

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