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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hello all,

As you now know how Archiving is working one of the remaining questions are,

  • Which Business Objects can be archived?

  • What are the criteria which must be fulfilled so the instance will be archived?


Here are the answers. 🙂 with an update for release 2302 2305.

If a Business Object wants to support Archiving it need to fulfill several requirements.
One of these requirements is to provide a business logic which determines if a potential candidate for archiving can really be archived and if there are dependent objects which need to be archived together with the anchor object.

Here comes the list of Business Objects which are supporting Archiving from release 2102 onwards:

  • As Sales Documents we have Customer Quote, Sales Order, and Opportunity (new with release 2208) with the dependent objects Customer Quote Industry Extension, Price Document and External Price Document.

  • With the release 2302 we have two more sales documents

    • Contract

    • Lead

  • Also, archivable is the Ticket (aka Service Request) with the dependent object Ticket (Service Request) Industry Extension.

  • From the list of activities these are supported: Activity Task, Appointment, and Visit with the dependent objects Store Valuation and different types of Activity.
    Some more activities have joined the club with 2302

    • Chat Activity

    • E-Mail

    • Messaging Activity

    • Phone Call

And here is a (kind of) definition for the business logic:

  • A Sales Document is archivable if

    • The order is finished and has no pending external follow-up process

    • The document is made anonymous (data privacy)

    • The document is completed

    • The quote is an inactive version

  • A Ticket must be

    • Closed or anonymized

    • All sub tickets are closed

    • Any main ticket is closed

  • For the activities these conditions are valid

    • The status should be Cancelled or Completed

    • If the activity is Open or In-Process then additionally the scheduled as well as the actual start and end dates must be at least 6 months in the past

    • If a Task depends on a Visit it will only be archived if the Visit gets archived too

    • Related or follow-up items do not need to be eligible for Archiving.
      However, if they are eligible and support Archiving they get archived, if not they will stay.


I will update this list whenever a new Business Object supports Archiving.
Promised 😉

Furthermore, Archiving is also honoring the Business Partner Deletion Block.
This means, that any Business Object which is referring to a Business Partner, which is blocked for deletion, will not be archived.

Update for release 2208:

Some Business Objects (namely the sales documents) do support the disabling of their business checks via a Business Configuration setting. This has the effect, that all object satisfying the retention time will be archived regardless of their state.

A powerful, but also a dangerous setting.
Use it with care.

Update for release 2302:

Quick list (detail above) of new Business Objects

  • Chat Activity

  • Contract

  • E-Mail

  • Lead

  • Messaging Activity

  • Phone Call

Update for release 2305:

Again we've got a bunch of new Business Objects and the newest documentation does include what their status must be to be considered for Archiving. 🙂

  • Activity Plan

  • Activity List

  • Campaign

  • Deal Registration

  • Maintenance Plan

  • Promotion

  • Route

  • Target Group

  • Time Entry

  • Time Report

  • Visit Tour Plan