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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello all,

With the new release 2302 we added additional selection criteria to determine which instances shall be considered for Archiving.

After you have enabled an object for Archiving you can add below the original list some criteria for

    • Sales Organization
    • Country / Region

with their own retention period Before Archiving.

We determine the Sales Organization and the Country / Region via the resp. parties (Buyer, Prospect, Employee, ...).
Be aware that the to-be-archived instances need the resp. party and these parties need a postal address to let the selection criteria work.

In other words, w/o a party and/or a postal address the selection criteria cannot be applied and the instances will not be archived.

Let's look at this example below:

The overall retention period for Opportunity is 730 days.
But in Germany in general it is 200 days, except for the sales organization MDEC42200 where it is 100 days.
Similar for the sales organization MC45000 it is 400 days except in France where we have 300 days.

You got the picture? 😉

Be aware that - of course - all instances matching these additional criteria are filtered by their own retention period and no longer be the overall one.

Also consider that a complete empty line is ignored by the framework.
And: If you have more than one line with identical criteria, the one with the shortest retention period takes it all.