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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hello again,

In the current release 2308 we support now access restriction on the search list (Work Center Administrator –> View Archiving).

As we use the standard Enterprise Search (ES) mechanism, we will still show all hits fulfilling the query as this is plain text for ES.

But when you select an entry, the resp. data is retrieved from the archive and transformed back to the standard data format. This format can be used for the access restriction checks based on the Role-Based Access Management (RBAM).

Therefore, we can (and do 🙂 ) inject the required data into the RBAM check routines and - voila - the navigation to the Quick View / Thing Inspector is only working if your user has the req. authorization.


There was also the request to show when a given entity was archived and when it will be deleted from the archive.

We have now the two fields in the hit list

  • Archived on” shows the date / time when the instance was sent to the archive

  • Deletion on” shows the date / time when the instance would be finally deleted from the archive based on the current retention time setting