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It's been almost three months since the Apple iOS15 update put the thorny issue of email opens back on the table.

As expected, the impact has been pretty immediate:

The distribution of privacy opens by mail client

As you can see, the number of unreliable 'fake' opens has jumped significantly, indicating widespread acceptance of this new feature.

So, what does it actually mean?

At Emarsys, we're pretty relaxed about this. Email opens have been unreliable for almost a decade now (Google started using proxy servers to download images in 2014), and our message has always been to focus on real engagement - clicks, purchases, and so on - to measure the impact of campaigns.

But we can't deny the impact this has had on today's generation of marketers and consumers, so of course we acknowledged it in the Emarsys platform.

As a first step, we added Privacy Opens to our email response metrics.

The new Privacy Opens email response metric

These track Apple opens only for now, but we will soon be including Gmail and others in this metric as well.

We are also working on including these in our behavioral segments, so you will have the option to engage with these customers differently. Keep across our Product Upates page for news of this feature.

What does this mean for the future?

How this will impact digital marketing strategies in the long term is anyone's guess, but we'll have a go at it in a Fireside chat on December 7th. Here we'll be discussing:

  • How and why the recent Apple updates affects your email marketing, and what impact we’ve seen so far

  • New functionality to help you discern “opens” vs “privacy opens” for more accurate reporting

  • How to determine fake, machine-generated opens from iOS15 using the Emarsys Email Dashboard

  • Tips for getting back your power as a marketer and proving the impact of your email marketing on revenue

But we don't have to stop there! Have you seen any measurable impact on your marketing since this update? We'd love to hear more ideas, fears and concerns from you if you have them.

Please post your thoughts as comments here and I will pass them on to the adoption specialists who are hosting the webinar.

Even if you don't have any questions, I do hope to see you there!